Digital Marketing is a broad term for advertising via digital technologies and mainly through the internet.

In brief, Digital Marketing is about promoting products or services online using electronic devices.

Digital marketing is a swiftly evolving technology.

With new and emerging trends in digital marketing such as Chatbots, Artificial intelligence, Augmented reality and Virtual reality, Video marketing, Voice Search, Data-driven marketing, the opportunities in the field are expanding at an astronomical rate.

Statistics show this field will experience a rapid increase in job opportunities.

The rapid growth of the information technology industry also is propelling the digital marketing area of specialization.

The IT firms have produced outstanding results in a few decades now that we have Trillion Dollars companies in the Information technology sector.

These days if you don’t know about digital marketing it’s more like you are socially backward meaning you lack social skills.

Like some other fields, in digital marketing, your size or height doesn’t matter.

So here are some major reasons you need to learn digital marketing;

  1. Wide career opportunities

There are multiple job options when it comes to digital marketing.

Unlike other fields, digital marketing has a lot of opportunities, and not only in terms of jobs, but you can make money as a freelance digital marketer too.

This field is evolving and hence creating a lot of opportunities for fresher and experienced professionals.

With the changing environmental trends, changing marketing dynamics, and consumer trends, Every organization currently needs a digital marketer as the traditional marketing trends can no longer sustain business growth alone.

A digital marketer has very wide career opportunities and can decide the direction or sector he wants to ply his trade.

One of the most available and rewarding Jobs in Nigeria is the digital marketing Job and it is one of the most sought after skills.

When it comes to career opportunity, your skills in digital marketing also plays a key role and thus it is necessary to learn your digital marketing from the best digital marketing institutes that can teach you from a practical standpoint and not based on books they have read

2. Versatility

Digital marketing is a broad and evolving discipline.

The rapid growth of the area of specialization has amazed even the greatest critics of digital marketing.

Once you master the skills of digital marketing, it will be very easy to change your focus later if you decide to switch your area of specialization.

You might need a little training to perfect the new area but you won’t be a novice to make the switch.

You can work in any domain of digital marketing, which can keep your skills sharp and work interesting.

In this sense, you can upgrade existing skills while still learning new ones but still stay in the same field.

In this field, there are plenty of choices and ongoing learning opportunities, where different skills fit together in different ways.

3. Your customers are online

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As of 2020, Nigeria had 126 million internet users which are about 63% digital penetrations.

It is projected to grow to 187.8 million internet users by 2023 which will be about 84.3% of the Nigerian population.

So you need to learn how to promote your services online because it is quite obvious your audience is online.

People utilize the internet in a different format. You have to be able to communicate digitally.

Everyone is on one social media or another online platform these days.

They are working, socializing, or relaxing online and with the scope of the internet, you can easily reach them with your goods and services on the various platforms they are.

4. E-commerce

A significant portion of the Nigerian population is thrilled about the e-commerce business platform as like everywhere across the world, Nigerians are most likely to spend online.

An incredible 56% of all Nigerian e-commerce spenders in 2018 were between the ages of 25 and 34. Those between 18-24 years old accounted for 17% of shoppers.

While those above the age of 44 accounted for 27% of Nigerian e-commerce shoppers.

These statistics stress the importance of e-commerce and the growing need for people to buy and sell online, due to the growth rate and reach of the internet.

As a digital marketer, you will be well equipped to help businesses manage this virtual business of the future.

Nigeria has produced some leading e-commerce platforms.

5. Social media marketing platform

The ever-growing social media marketing platform has made it a major reason why you should learn about digital marketing.

The Social media platform has now been designed as a business platform opening opportunity in the digital marketing space.

Though Facebook Social media has the ability like no other digital channel to collaborate and connect with potential and current customers.

The most popular ones being Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube have a lot of users.

You can make use of these platforms to promote your product and services because it is a community on its own. 

6. Gaining a Competitive edge

 The business environment is more competitive than it has ever been before.

Each company is innovating to advance its dominance in the marketplace.

Understanding digital marketing gives your business a competitive edge over your competitors.

It helps you identify the right customers for your goods and services identify the social media channels they use and gather essential data that will be relevant to your marketing campaign.

Digital marketing can also provide sufficient data that can influence product design.

Acquiring this capability helps business to be ahead of the competition and faster than completion since digital information goes faster and wilder than traditional marketing information

7. Optimization of Human and Material resources.

In a world of scarce resources businesses focus on how to maximize profits with limited resources.

Digital marketing helps businesses to optimize resources.

A digital marketer can engage more clients at each given time compared to a face-to-face marketer.

The constraints of access in face-to-face marketing are eliminated with digital marketing as one can easily penetrate all high walls and restricted areas via online marketing.

Also, the amount used in the campaign may not be as much as that employed in traditional marketing.

For a small business owner learning, digital marketing will save you the cost of employing a digital marketer and also give you more opportunities to gain market insight.

You will also easily know what your competitors are doing and find ways to outsmart them in the marketplace

8. Constant way to drive relevant traffic to your website(online shop)

With a digital marketing skill you have acquired, you can build a relevant website that is an online office/store to showcase your goods and services to the world.

Your knowledge will be in hand to help decipher who is your ideal customer.

You can easily enter their emotional bank and then be able to create a marketing campaign that connects to them.

9. Ready pool of prospective clients

With the skills you learn from digital marketing training you will be able to have a pool of prospective clients when you create online followership for your goods and services.

Your followers are your prospective clients; they are always exposed to your good service any time you make your post or run an advert.

It makes it reach this client without spending extra cash on campaigns. With this, you can have repeat sales to the same clients.

You can up-sell the same customer by offering him/her a more expensive product or side sell the same clients on your social media list by selling a complementary product or down-sell to them i.e offering a complimentary product

10. Self-Employment opportunity 

With so much talent wrapped up in humanity, many individuals want to be self-employed to allow them to maximize their potential and also determine the management of your time and drive in more cash into your account.

One major challenge a lot of people have is the capital to start in business and passion.

With the skills set you will acquire you can easily start your business with very low capital.

You can start with drop shipping affiliate marketing, freelancing, etc which you will be starting with a very low capital base.

These are enough reasons for you to learn digital marketing.

You need to learn the different trends in vogue now to effectively run your business, change/improve your career or get the needed knowledge to start a new one. 

We have trained students who moved their business forward and career forward, for example, it is noteworthy that some of our students got jobs with big brands like Opera, Andela, and Facebook.

You too can be like them and even better. 

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