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Welcome to the complete Facebook Marketing and Advertising Course.


Are you ready to produce results ten times better than you are currently producing? If yes, then it’s about time for you to learn Facebook marketing and advertising the right way.

Every day, more than 1.7 billion people are active on Facebook. Spending countless hours surfing through profiles, pages, groups and connecting with friends. That is almost one-third of the total number of persons using the Internet and this also affords enough time for you to get your message across.

As the leading social media platform reaching 59.0% of social media users, you really cannot afford to miss out on Facebook and its marketing potential.

Making Facebook a top tool in your marketing arsenal will be one of the best decisions you will ever make.




Because it will help you make sales, and this is guaranteed with this course, Period!!!


It doesn’t matter if you run a well-established business or you are managing a startup.

It doesn’t matter how much of a budget you’re working with.

Like it or not, and believe it or not, the most effective way you can make people aware of your company, its product, and services, and eventually get them to purchase products or services your company offers, is through Marketing and advertising.

While it is a known fact that you can use Facebook to continually generate tons of clients, reach thousands of people every day, increase your followership, traffic, sales, increase your brand awareness and make Money, it is also a way to lose money, waste time and effort if you don’t get it right.

This is why I have put together this complete step-by-step Facebook marketing and advertising course.

This course will help you dominate Facebook marketing even if you are a complete beginner. You will learn all there is to know about Facebook marketing and advertising, creating engaging content, develop powerful strategies to grow your followership, run effective ad campaigns that will bring in tons of traffic, master the ads manager, target the right audience, measure and optimize any ad campaign for better result and so much more.


What you will learn:

  • The why and how of Facebook marketing and advertising and how to create a super optimized Facebook page the right way.
  • How to source for, and create engaging content, how to grow your Facebook page, and 9 proven Facebook post formulas that will drive engagement. With this knowledge at your disposal, you will never run out of what to post on your page again, as this is the secret to keep people coming to your page every time.
  • The best time to post to drive optimal engagement, the 70/20/10 formula for social media success (This formula is what top pages are using to grow to millions of followers).
  • The 21 types of Content we all crave, the best way to sell, and Facebook image size cheat sheet.
  • 10 Free strategies to get more likes on your page.
  • 9 things you need to know before running a Facebook ad. This information will save you more money, help your ad convert, protect you from getting banned on Facebook ads, show you things you need to do, and the things you need to avoid?
  • How to use Facebook business manager. This tool is specifically designed for business owners and you will learn how to use it and master ads manager.
  • How to choose the right Ad objective and creatives.
  • How to target the right audience and write persuasive ad copies that will get them to take action i.e., Buy your product or services. These two (audience targeting and persuasive ad copies) are the two most important elements you need to run a profitable ad that gets results.
  • How to show your ads to people that have watched 50% to 75% of your video, we call this kind of ad a remarketing ad and it is a way to make sales on Facebook. Facebook gives us a lot of ways to achieve this, you will be surprised at how easy it is to use this tool.
  • You will be able to leverage its highly sophisticated “social snooping” and “personal profiling” technology.
  • How to optimize your Facebook Ads to skyrocket your results and save money.
  • How to run powerful Instagram ads using Facebook ads manager (This converts better than using the app to run ads and gives you more options in targeting, Objective, and creativity).

And so much more.

I am sure you will love this course, and by the end, you will be able to use Facebook as a powerful marketing tool to generate sales, bring customers and followers every day to your business.

You might be thinking, I don’t have a business so I don’t need this. Well, knowing how to use Facebook Marketing to generate traffic, sales and leads is a skill in high demand.

Why? because so many businesses are looking for people that are highly skilled in Facebook Marketing to help them promote their business. Imagine how much you can make helping small businesses promote their business on Facebook.

Enroll in this course now and I’ll show you how to use this powerful tool called Facebook to generate more sales, attract more followers and exponentially grow your business and your online presence.



Who needs this step-by-step training Course?


  • You are a Business Owner and Entrepreneur, Blogger, Influencer, Public Figure, Online marketer and marketing rep, Advertising manager, Corporation that wants to achieve growth in Facebook.
  • Your goal is to DOMINATE Facebook Marketing and Advertising.
  • You are looking for the most highly targeted and affordable advertising strategies with Facebook Ad.
  • You are trying to establish your brand presence on Facebook but your current strategies are not working.
  • You have an online business or local business.
  • You Want to Create a Community of Raving Fans.
  • You’ve been asking yourself; How can I use Facebook to consistently find and engage new clients, how can I reach thousands of people every day, how do I create super optimized Facebook pages for my business, how can I optimize my Facebook Ads to boost my results and save money?


Course Requirement:

A Facebook account and a desire to learn and grow.



Module 1

How to Reach Your Audience and Grow Your Business on Facebook
How to Create a Facebook Page the Right Way
Creating a Facebook Profile Image
Facebook Page Settings
How to Assign Roles to Individuals on Facebook Page
How to Connect Your Instagram and WhatsApp Account to Your Facebook Page
Nine Proven Facebook Post Formulas that will Drive Engagement
Ten Free Strategies to Grow Your Facebook Page Likes Organically
Twenty-One Types of Content We all Crave
How to Use the Facebook Page Insight Tool the Smart Way

Module 2

Introduction to Facebook Ads and the Nine Things You Need to Know before Running a Facebook Ad
Introduction to Facebook Ad Cnt.
Why You Use a Business Manager
How to Create a Business Manager Account
Business Manager Setting Demystified
How to Access Your Ad Manager Account
How to Fund Your Ad Account
Facebook Marketing Objective Demystified
How to Run a Traffic Ad – Budgeting and Schedule
The Complete Guide to Targeting on Facebook Using Saved Audience
How to Save Your Audience on Facebook Ad Manager
How to Target Your Ads to Show on Facebook and Instagram (Facebook Placement Option)
Ad Copy and Ad Image Demystified
How Reverse Your Competitor’s Audience Targeting and Ad on Facebook
How to Run a Page Promotion Campaign
How to Run a Post Promotion Campaign
How to Run a Lead Generation Campaign

Module 3

How to Use Lookalike Audience on Facebook to Scale Your Ad Profitability
What is Custom Audience and How Remarketing Works

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