Google Ads and Analytics

Welcome to the Complete Step by Step Guide to Google Ads


To start with, why should you use Google ads to advertise

Google has a massive reach to several users from all over the world. Google search engine handles an obscene 2+ trillion searches per year. That’s over 5 billion searches per day.

Imagine how many potential customers you can reach using Google search engine ads and how it will help you grow your business profitably.

Also, Google Ads convert 50 percent better than organic traffic because you are currently targeting active searchers who are on a mission to find something.


In fact, Google Display Ads are seen by 90 Percent of internet users because google leverage millions of websites to show their ads. So, it is guaranteed that your target audience will see your ads.

If you’re looking for a Google Ads course that shows you EXACTLY how to set up and run profitable Google ads that Drive Consistent, Reliable, High-Quality Traffic to your site every single day.


Be rest assured that you’re in the right place.


This course is specifically designed to take you from an absolute beginner to becoming an expert in running Google ads.

What I will be showing you in this course is 100% practical and applicable to any business type and size.

Upon completion of this course, you will know how to run profitable search ads, display ads, and YouTube ads, that will continuously generate traffic, sales, and top-of-the-mind awareness for your business. 

What you will learn:

  • How to set up your first Google Ad from scratch; how to run your first ad to get access to the Google ads Dashboard.
  • How to run search engine marketing ads.
  • Understand what a Keyword is, the intent behind one (which is majorly for purchase), and how to research and find thousands of profitable keywords you can target for your business.
  • Learn what match types are and how they can save you tons of money.
  • How to write killer ads that generate clicks.
  • How to run display ads targeting powerful websites like Forbes, BellaNaija, Naij, Punch, etc. Imagine how this will improve your brand perception and increase your brand value.
  • Become a master with Ad Extensions and increase your Click-through Rate which will help you reduce your ad Cost.
  • How to optimize your ad campaigns.
  • How to run profitable YouTube ads.


Who is this course for?

  • Business Owners and Entrepreneurs, Bloggers, Influencers, Public Figures, Online marketers and marketing reps, Advertising managers, corporations that want to grow using Google ads.
  • Anyone who wants to learn about Google Ads and how they work.
  • Marketing professionals who want a step-by-step guide on how to create successful Google Ads.




A Gmail Account, A small amount to fund your Ads Account and willingness to learn something New and Rewarding.



Module 1

What is Google Ads, and Why You Should Use It to Advertise
Creating Your First Campaign to Access Google Ad Dashboard
Google Ads Dashboard
Difference Between Search and Display Network

Module 2

What is Search Network Used For?
How to Run Search Engine Marketing Ad
Match Type Explained
How to Run Search Engine Marketing Campaign Final

Module 3

Google Display Network
Difference Between Search and Display Network
How to Run a Display Campaign
How to Run YouTube Campaign

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