Hi, I welcome you to the Search engine optimization course.

Have you ever wondered how you get results for your search whenever you search for a word or phrase on the Search engine (Google)? 

Do you want to know how these results (websites) shown by Google, appear on the first page of the google search engine?

Would you like to know how you can make your website rank organically so that people can see you when they search on Google? 

All these are attributable to search engine optimization. 

Search engine optimization is about using optimized web content for search engines to accept your proposition to show your website as the top result for searches with/of a certain keyword.

In every industry, companies strive to appear not just on the first page, but as the top search results for every word or phrase related to their industry that people look out for.

They employ qualified personnels (Search engine optimization specialists) who know how to use optimized content to make websites rank. A search engine optimization specialist is a hot cake in every company and this course aims to guide you through practical steps from a beginner to a specialist.

As a businessman or one who wants a career in digital marketing as a blogger, affiliate marketer, etc. you need to be seen to pull traffic to your website, create top-of-mind awareness and make more sales easily. You will learn how to make your website rank organically so that people would see your website when they search on google.

You would agree with me that people often click on the first three websites showing their search results. So, you need to push yourself there and have a piece of the cake too!

In this course, You will learn

  • About Domain name and Domain extension
  • How to  Host locally within target country eg. Nigeria
  • How to Submit Your Website to Search Engines eg. Google
  • How to Setup Google Analytics for your website
  • How to Setup Alexa account for your website
  • How to Generate good keywords – Choice of Keywords (Locations, Types of service, What keywords competition is using, Names of Competitors, Synonyms/thesaurus, Google keywords suggestions)
  • How to Use keyword or keyphrase as a domain name or domain extension URL
  • How to Place keywords in page title
  • How to Use keywords generously in composing page text
  • How to Place keywords in Meta description
  • How to Add your company to google maps with addresses in target areas. Location matters in address – how close to the client, use google map with real address locations within each target market
  • How to Add title tags and alt to images using keywords
  • How to Add keywords on external websites and hyperlink the keywords/keyphrases
  • How to Create daily update blogs on each product
  • How to Submit company/website to 150 online directories & yellow pages
  • How to Submit articles to forums and blogs (Nairaland) as New topic, Use  keyword and title of the post, Hyperlink the keywords to your website, Make the keywords not hyperlinked bold, include your signature

Who the course is for?

  1. Beginners who have no prior knowledge of search engine optimization but want to become Savvy SEO specialists.
  2. Businessmen who want to build a strong online presence for their brands
  3. People who want to pull traffic to their website
  4. Website developers 
  5. Digital marketing professionals.

SEO for beginners’ course gives you all the information you need as a beginner and be guided through active practices that would build you well on becoming a savvy SEO specialist.

So, get a cup of coffee,  sip and relax; and join the class.


Lesson Objective
Definition of SEO
Domain Extension Showing Country Target
Registering Domain Name with Top Agents and Hosting Locally
Submitting Your Websites to Search Engines
Setting up Google Analytics for your Website
Setting up Alexa Account for Your Website
Generating Good Keyboards
Using Keywords on Your Domain Name
Adding a Company to Google Map
Adding a Keyword on an External Website
Submitting Your Company’s Website

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