In my marketing and sales journey, I have realized that there is a huge impact on Psychology and emotional triggers in getting the attention of buyers of any product or service.

how to get people's attention in your digital marketing
Some great products and services have been impacted negatively in the market place due to their marketers’ inability to understand and optimize the buyers’ concept.

Some great products and services have been impacted negatively in the market place due to their marketers’ inability to understand and optimize the buyers’ concept.

I have watched some great products suffer in the market place and other products that are not too exceptional having great market penetration and acceptance with the buyer.

In evaluating what might be responsible for these, two key things stood out and they are
A) The customer’s psychology
B) Marketers’ Persuasive skill

In Digital marketing an understanding of buyers’ psychology and how to leverage on that to design your campaign will affect the outcome of your marketing.

This understanding will have a 360 effect in all your activities online. From your webpage or landing page designs, your text, your color usage, etc.

Your first step in this is to understand who your customer is. A good digital marketer needs to do a comprehensive customer avatar analysis before initiating any campaign.

In doing this you have to profile your ideal client and enter their emotional bank to find out what ticks with them. It has been said that buying is first emotional then explained or justified logically.

Every customer is on an emotional journey so you need not only to walk with them as they journey on the buying funnel but you need to influence the direction they take on that journey.

Your major work is to enter your buyers’ minds and create a positive interest in the direction of your product and services.

With the attention span of your client reducing from 12 seconds in 2000 to 8 seconds today, you must be very persuasive and engaging for you to get the relevant conversion.

Digital psychology and persuasion is a critical aspect of the digital marketing value chain. It answers the key questions that surround every client’s decision framework.

In addition to customer profiling, a good digital marketer must also be skilled in psychology research methodology.

Digital Psychology research will help you to find out the words and themes that appeal to your target audience.

These words when researched out can be used to frame our messages to attract the client.

Digital psychology research is a key strategy to employ when designing your marketing campaign.

Digital sales and marketing are different from traditional and face to face sales and marketing where a client can decode the non-verbal communications of a marketer and vice versa.

The non-verbal clues of a client can help the marketer tailor their message or approach to suit what the client wants in a face to face environment but this opportunity does not exist or is limited in digital marketing, so it is now imperative for the digital marketer to understand how to put forth good vibes and also decode the client’s body language on the digital platform.

With 93% of our communication being non-verbal, how do you get to persuade your audience now relying on the available 7% channel to cause them to take action?.

This will be explored in our future articles.

We will be evaluating more on how to get the attention of your target audience online.

In your online marketing, one of the most important thing and also the 1st thing is to get your readers attention as soon as they see your advert or post online.

You may be marketing the most excellent product or service online, whatever you are offering do not make sense as long as your target population attention is not captured at the earliest possible time.

I see attention grabbing as the foundation of digital marketing.

The same way a building is as useful as its foundation in the same similar vein when you have not been able to capture attention you can’t convey that brilliant message or transfer that excellent product and service to the online customers.

It is of note that the human brain processing has similar systems of working and adaptations that cuts across all races, religion and culture.

The brain design is in such a way that it has systems and processes with which it decides what it focus on and what not to focus on.

These systems work with amazing speed that in millisecond, they have finalized what next to do as regards what the eye just came in contact.

The brain concludes in milliseconds and transmits that information to the contact point which is the eye. The eye now pulls off or focuses on that depending on the brain conclusion.

It is important to note that how long the attention of an individual spans is further determined by other environmental factors engaging the brain.

With the continuous complexity and bombardment of our human minds in this century, Humans attention is decreasing at an alarming rate as compared to other centuries.

Just in two decades it has moved from 12 seconds to 8 seconds. We expect that this will further decrease in the coming years in the coming years.

Getting your target market attention at the earliest possible time is now a lifeline in digital marketing.

It important to realize that getting the customer’s attention is not the only thing required in digital marketing. Sustaining the attention is another important thing that we must understand. Then causing the target audience to take the expected action now concludes the cycle.

When writing a blog or when marketing your product, it’s very important to note that to grab the online audience attention, your focus should be them and not you.

Hence you need to articulate this and then design your headline from their standpoint and not what tickles or excites you.

An old Warner brothers cartoon helps to bring this to light. In that cartoon someone found a singing frog and to him this is a precious discovery.

He rented an up-class theatre, set up the stage, publicized the program highlighting his gate fee, Interestingly no one came. Then he put up a sign that says:

“Free Admission” – Nobody came.

At that point he thought to himself what do my target audience like and after his research he discovered they like Beer, Then he put up a new sign – “Free Beer”.

When he set up the sign, the crowd rushed in and the stampede lead to his death.

So your online target market will not rush to your website because of your new discovery, Or your impressive service or product.

They will rush in with what interest them and how appealing and mouth watering your first headline is.

What happens after that will be evaluated in our next post

Stay with us.

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