What is social media marketing?

Social media marketing is the use of social networks (social media channels ) to communicate with your audience, promote your brand and generate web traffic.

There are many channels through which you can connect with your audience and market your brand. Channels used for social media marketing include LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, snapchat, Twitter etc.

social media marketing-ess digitalFacebook, Instagram, You tube, LinkedIn, twitter, Snapchat, Pinterest etc., are social media marketing channels

People have different marketing objectives and with the right social media marketing strategy and targeting, you can achieve your marketing objective.

How to Start social media marketing for your business

Social Media Channel

Pick the right social media channel. You could be on all of them but you may not have enough time for all. So, pick one and work with it effectively.

The right channel for me may not be right for you. And you wouldn’t want to do something that won’t yield results.

There are few factors that you should consider before you pick one to be that right channel for your marketing activities. First of all, you have to look at your industry. If you are in B2B, LinkedIn is the  best for you. For B2C, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube.

Also, the kind of content you want to use and your target audience would determine the right channel for your business. If you like videos, YouTube would be best for you.

You can as well use Instagram especially for SMEs. If your target audience are older persons, Facebook would be best. If it’s a younger demographic, Instagram would be best. 


Next, you create your content. Remember your content can be video, blog, graphic designs, stories etc Anything you can use to communicate with your audience.

It doesn’t matter whether you have followers or not. keep creating content. It is these contents that will make them follow you and become your die-hard fan when you give them so much value through your content.

For people to follow you, you need to do these few things; Start with completing your social profile, your username, email address, profile images, description of who you are or your company.

Tell them the value they would get from following you. If You don’t know the type of content to create, you may look at your competition to see what they are doing that’s giving them engagement and follow suit. You can as well make a short video with your phone and post.

Build your connections

Furthermore, Build connections with people. Remember it is a social network first before business comes in. Many people join social media to catch fun and for relaxation; and it is this opportunity that you harness and market to  them.

How do you build your connection on social media?

Start with people you know. Tell them to follow you and  for those you don’t know, you can get them to follow you by answering the questions on their status, commenting on their post and sharing their post. 

When you post or repost and people comment, don’t just leave them like that. Respond to their comment. Thank them for commenting and when they ask questions, answer them. That’s how to get them to follow you.

Don’t just get thousand followers without a commensurate engagement. It doesn’t really make much sense. 

I know at this point, You must be eager to grow your business online through social media platforms.

But Let me share more tips that will help you for your Facebook and Instagram Ads.

Facebook  Advertising/Marketing

Facebook is a real time social networking site. This makes it one of the best sources to stay updated with the latest news and information. News goes viral on this platform, so most brands utilize this advantage to announce their products and services. You too can do likewise.

How do you Begin?

Firstly, you have to create a Facebook account. All your activities whether for social networking or business depend on it. Facebook allows you to have only one account.

Also, create a facebook page where people can engage with your brand. People can only engage with your brand when you have quality content on your page. 

Furthermore, go to Facebook business manager where you can manage your pages, ads etc. It is advisable to run your campaign through a business manager because it is specifically designed for business. 

Finally, create your campaign, placement, your audience and run your campaign.

Instagram Advertising/Marketing

Instagram is a professional social networking site with over 800 million active users this makes it a powerful marketing tool for any business. So your business is guaranteed to have millions of eyeballs seeing your brand daily.

Let’s begin!

It’s important to register your business on Instagram and after you have completed your business registration.

  1. WRITE AN ATTRACTIVE BIO: Now your bio is a very important portion of your identity on Instagram, it tells anyone that comes across your page a quick breakdown of who you are and what your business offers. A great way to write a killer bio is by going through businesses that offer similar services and model yours after theirs.
  2. TAKE INSTAGRAM SEO SERIOUSLY : Adding this simple step to your bio allows your brand to get discovered easier than most. This allows people who are in need of your services on Instagram to find. This tool continues to help brands daily gain visibility.
  3. OTHER TIPS: Do not forget to link your Instagram accounts to your Facebook business and personal accounts. People trust you better when they know and see you already exist.

Try these out and if you need my help, just let me know. You can leave a comment at the comment box. Hope to hear from you soon.

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